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District NameSchool Name# Cohort �# Submitted �% Submitted �# Complete �% Complete �
A.C.G.C. PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTA.C.G.C. Secondary533158.53158.5
ACADEMIC ARTS HIGH SCHOOLAcademic Arts High School37*8.1*8.1
ADA-BORUP PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAda-Borup Secondary362980.62980.6
ADRIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAdrian Secondary473676.63469.4
AFSA HIGH SCHOOLAFSA High School452248.92146.7
Aitkin Public School DistrictAitkin Alternative Learning Program**0.0*0.0
Aitkin Public School DistrictAitkin Secondary School915661.55661.5
ALBANY PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAlbany Senior High1219276.09073.2
Albert Lea Public School DistrictAlbert Lea Area Learning Center52*3.8*3.8
Albert Lea Public School DistrictAlbert Lea Senior High21412257.011854.1