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District NameSchool Name# Cohort �# Submitted �% Submitted �# Complete �% Complete �
A.C.G.C. PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTA.C.G.C. Secondary653350.83249.2
ACADEMIC ARTS HIGH SCHOOLAcademic Arts High School36*0.0*0.0
ADA-BORUP PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAda-Borup Secondary753749.33444.7
ADRIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAdrian Secondary493163.33061.2
AFSA HIGH SCHOOLAFSA High School572442.12442.1
AITKIN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAitkin Secondary School73105143.810547.9
ALBANY PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAlbany Senior High113160141.615869.3
ALBERT LEA PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAlbert Lea Senior High236321136.030643.2
ALDEN-CONGER PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAlden-Conger Secondary351748.61748.6
ALEXANDRIA PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTAlexandria Area High School326370113.536054.9